BALDWIN - A Baldwin student whose family was out of their home for months after Superstorm Sandy has been accepted to seven Ivy League schools.

Daria Rose is a senior and an honors student at Sacred Heart Academy. Her parents say she wanted to go to an Ivy League school for as long as they can remember.

It hasn’t all been easy for Rose and her family. After Superstorm Sandy struck in 2012, they were out of their Baldwin home for 18 months due to flooding and a fire. While staying in a hotel, Rose had to do some of her homework in a bathroom.

Rose's next big decision is to choose which school she'll attend. She and her family are in the process of visiting schools. "Right now, it's between Harvard, Yale or Princeton," she says.

"It showcases the fact that males have gotten into all eight Ivies and not that many females, that I am from an all-girls’ school and a Catholic school," Rose says. "It shows a different light and it shows that girls can do it."