RIVERHEAD - The Riverhead physician assistant accused of selling pill prescriptions to drug dealers was released on bond Friday after a bail hearing.

Investigators say Michael Troyan sold prescriptions for 60,000 oxycodone pills out of the two Riverhead urgent care facilities that he operated. The judge took away Troyan's right to write prescriptions, but Troyan is still allowed to see patients.

Authorities say they were tipped off after a complaint by a surgeon. The surgeon said that a patient had been caught intentionally re-opening stitches follow a tonsillectomy because the patient was desperate for oxycodone. Officials say the patient had become addicted while being treated by Troyan.

Troyan was allegedly caught on camera in an undercover sting, selling the scripts for cash to drug dealers. The DEA says the street value totals were close to $2 million.

If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.