WOODBURY - Mental health professionals around the state are concerned that a provision in New York state's tough new gun control legislation could backfire.

Under the law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo yesterday, all mental health professionals in the state will be legally required to report a person they think could be dangerous. If the person in question has a gun, it could be taken away.

Members of the Mental Health Association in Hempstead say that while they support the legislation, they worry the provision could deter people from seeking mental health treatment. People who suffer from paranoia and other mental issues could be dissuaded from approaching a professional for help if they thought they could be penalized.

David Nemiroff, the executive director of the Mental Health Association, says the new law ignores the need to fund mental health programs that might prevent violence. He says that the Newtown school shooting could have potentially been prevented if there was some form of effective screening and treatment.