BABYLON - Babylon Village officials say they're having trouble ridding the E. Donald Conroy Golf Course of unwanted geese.

They say the animals are a problem that has gotten worse over the years across Long Island. 

Employees at the golf course say they have to remove goose droppings every day. 

"It's all over your cart, it's all over your shoes," says Marjorie Murphy, of Babylon. "It's really gross." 

Canada geese are known for making noise and leaving behind an abundance of droppings.

Over the years, excessive goose droppings have even prompted officials to close public spaces — like Ronkonkoma Beach in the Town of Islip last year.

Officials say they have tried numerous ways to try and stop the geese from coming onto the golf course. They say they have used air horns, silhouettes of dogs and foxes and are now considering drone use.

"We're looking into drones that you can control and fly around and separate flocks," says Babylon Village Deputy Mayor Kevin Muldowney.

Some golf courses use dogs to chase geese away, but the village says that's an expensive option. Officials want to have a plan in place by the fall, when they say even more geese will arrive.