FRANKLIN SQUARE - A family still reeling from the tragedy of losing their pregnant daughter eight years ago held a unique gathering today to remember her.

Josephine Detz, of Franklin Square, held a baby shower to remember her 26-year-old daughter, Susan Grace Ambrosino, whose life was cut short as she was about to become a mother again.

Ambrosino was three months pregnant when she was murdered by her boyfriend, Steven Schiovone. Schiovone shot her in the head and left her in the trunk of her car, because he was the half-brother of Ambrosino's ex-husband, and he didn't want her to have the baby.

For the past several years, the family has held baby showers each February to honor Ambrosino and her unborn child. Detz says it's important to keep her daughter's legacy alive, especially for Ambrosino's now-17-year-old daughter Taylor, who was just 9 years old when she lost her mom.

Strangers and people who knew Ambrosino attended the shower. All of the items collected will be donated to Mercy Medical Center for pregnant women in need. The family collects donations for the cause year-round.