EAST ROCKAWAY - The attorney for the man accused of stealing from several CVS stores and then carjacking a woman in East Rockaway last month spoke exclusively with News 12 about his charges.

According to attorney Mark Nadjar, surveillance video from inside the CVS proves that his client, 59-year-old Davis Melis, is innocent.

"The guy on film is a third wider, just in stature," said Melis. "He's not a fat guy, but he's definitely wider. The face is different. The hair is different, and he walks differently."

Nadjar also points to the bald spot on the man in the video. Melis doesn't have a bald spot. Police and witnesses also told News 12 that they struggled with the carjacking suspect and couldn't stop him.

"Melis is not even in good enough health to be able to get away from these people, so I just find it incredible as a matter of common sense and reasonableness," said Nadjar.

As News 12 has reported, the carjacking victim's neighbor says her husband and father-in-law both picked Melis out of a photo lineup last month. Nadjar had previously said that his client was in Suffolk County around the time of the crime and could not have been the suspect.

"Photo lineups are a lot less reliable than the real thing, him standing there," said Nadjar. "Frankly, you don't have to believe me. Just look at the video tape. It's not him."