MINEOLA - Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is proposing an ethics reform bill that would ban all outside income for state legislators.

The bill would also increase the terms of legislators from two to four years. Supporters say that would lessen the need for lawmakers to constantly solicit campaign funds.

"Corruption is a hidden tax," says Schneiderman. "Dollars diverted for private use, every deal with a corrupt crony, imposes a tax on the hard-working men and women of the state of New York."

The proposal follows the high-profile arrests of Republican state Senate Leader Dean Skelos and Democratic state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Both Skelos and Silver stepped down from their leadership posts following their charges.

Despite those arrests, the state Legislature is not expected to consider a new ethics bill.

New state Senate Leader John Flanagan previously told News 12 Long Island that he wants to wait and see how effective a less-strict ethics bill passed in January is.