HAUPPAUGE - Authorities are extending a warning to Suffolk County regarding ATM skimming devices.

As News 12 reported Tuesday, Nassau police alerted residents about increased incidents of skimmers being found at ATM locations, gas stations and convenience stores.

Suffolk police told News 12 that seven skimming devices were found at locations across the county in the last two months.

Police say thieves have also installed pinhole-sized cameras above keypads in an effort to steal PINs. They say the perpetrators will either return to collect the devices or transmit the data wirelessly.

Skimming devices were found at 7-Eleven stores in Commack, Bayport and Bohemia. Others were found at gas stations in St. James, Ronkonkoma, Hauppauge and Central Islip.

Police say to cover PIN entries with a hand and to tug on credit card readers before using them.