WOODBURY - Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg has filed a lawsuit against a local group home and one of its caregivers after his son was allegedly abused there.

Weisenberg, who passed a bill requiring agencies that care for people with developmental disabilities to notify families of abuse or injury, said he was shocked when he received a call about his own son.

Weisenberg's son, Ricky, has a severe mental disability making it impossible for him to speak or even shed a tear. The 54-year-old also suffers from cerebral palsy. Ricky, who needs around-the-clock care, has been a resident of AHRC in Brookville since 2002, after mistreatment at other facilities.

The assemblyman says his son was smacked and called derogatory names back in 2009. Weisenberg says his son still resides at AHRC and that he has no further complaints about his treatment otherwise.

News 12 Long Island was told that the caregiver in question was fired after the incident.