SETAUKET - An arraignment was postponed for the man accused of killing his 21-year-old friend during a drunken driving incident Saturday morning.

Police say the victim, Krystal Berkowitz, of Stony Brook, was struck and killed by Lawrence Pagano, 23, on Route 347 near Old Town Road at around 4 a.m. Saturday.

According to police, Pagano and the victim were together in his Jeep Liberty in a nearby parking lot. She apparently was worried about his intoxication and got out of the car to start walking home.

Police say Berkowitz walked for a half mile on 347 before Pagano caught up to her. He said he was trying to pull over and talk to her. Instead, authorities say he struck her with his car, killing her.

Pagano made the 911 call saying she had a serious head injury. Berkowitz was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pagano was taken to Stony Brook Hospital's psychiatric ward Sunday and could be there for at least 72 hours. He faces a driving while intoxicated charge.

TJ Fogle, one of Berkowitz's roommates, says she and Pagano were always together. He says Berkowitz had just received a promotion at work and had a passion for producing music.

“I loved her presence,” Fogle told News 12. “She just made me feel good.”

There was no word on when Pagano will face a judge.