NORTHPORT - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has decided to continue dumping dredged sand and soil in four areas of the Long Island Sound, much to the dismay of environmentalists.

The decision will allow the dumping of 30 million to 50 million cubic yards of dredged sand into the Long Island Sound over the next 30 years. That is enough to fill almost 300 football stadiums.

Environmentalist Adrienne Esposito says most of it will come from urban Connecticut harbors and will contaminate the Sound's fragile ecosystem. She says the Corps chose to continue dumping because it's cheaper than hauling to a safer location further away.

"What's cheap today is expensive tomorrow," says Esposito.

Environmental advocates are hoping that Gov. Andrew Cuomo steps in to reject the plan and sues the federal government to stop it. The governor's office did not return a call to comment on the plan.

The EPA has 120 days to sign off on the plan.