WEST ISLIP - The blast of arctic air that has brought bone-chilling temperatures to Long Island this weekend caused problems in some neighborhoods.

A water main break during the single-digit temperatures overnight in West Islip caused a roadway to turn into a sheet of ice.

The break occurred around Merrit and Everdell avenues, causing road closures and temporarily cutting water to residents in the area. The ice has since been cleared and water is restored to all affected residents.

The gusty winds that the arctic blast was packing also made for dangerous driving on the East End. The wind picked up snow off of fields in the Riverhead area and blew it into the roads, creating whiteout conditions. Some roadways were closed to prevent crashes.

News 12 meteorologists say Saturday saw record-breaking cold temperatures in Islip of 8 degrees. The previous record was 9 degrees set in 2015. Sunday saw the coldest Valentine's Day in nearly two decades.