BETHPAGE - A Nassau taxi driver was arrested Monday for allegedly failing to turn in an iPad that was left in his cab, and police say he was tracked down by that very device.

The owner of the stolen iPad, Chris Mackrodt, says when he realized that he left the iPad in the cab, he called All Seasons Taxi in Bethpage, but was told that it hadn't been turned in. Luckily, he uploaded the "Find My iPhone" app just last month.

According to investigators, the app tracked the iPad to a Lindenhurst computer repair shop. Police say surveillance video showed the driver, Chris Stoyeck, at the store with the iPad Sunday.

Robert Putney, the owner of Shore Thing Computers, says when he tried to set up the device for Stoyeck, a message appeared on the screen saying that the iPad had been stolen.

When Stoyeck left the store, Putney called the number that appeared on the iPad's screen and reached Mackrodt.

Stoyeck has been charged with grand larceny. He's due back in court Monday.