UNIONDALE - An anti-violence rally was held in Uniondale Saturday, one day after the wake and funeral service for 12-year-old shooting victim Dejah Joyner.

As News 12 has reported, Joyner was shot last Friday by a stray bullet that pierced the front window of her home on Dartmouth Street.

The rally was led by the group STRONG, or Struggling to Re-Unite Our New Generation. The group is dedicated to ending youth violence.

Organizers say Joyner's death hit home for the kids and many of them say they don't want to continue to live in fear.

"Truth is kids do care, they do have something to say, they have a vision," said Rahsmia Zatar, STRONG's executive director. "Let's gather together so we can unite with them and make it happen."

Organizers hope the event will encourage the youth to make their community a better place.