GREAT NECK - Police are investigating after an anti-Semitic photo turned up on a student-run Facebook page in Nassau County.

The Anti-Defamation League expressed alarm over a photo that appeared on the unofficial Great Neck South freshmen Facebook page.

The photo depicted a toddler with a Hitler-like mustache wearing a swastika armband. The photo also had a hateful caption.

School Superintendent Thomas Dolan said that the post was removed quickly after he learned about it.

In a letter to the community, Dolan called the post “reprehensible” and says it was determined that the person who made the post is a student outside of the Great Neck district. Dolan also discussed what he calls "a pair of evils at work here” that, he says, includes cyberbullying as well as “anti-Semitism and other forms or racism that one would have hoped had been eradicated by now."

The police were notified about the post, according to the superintendent. The school of the student who posted it was also notified.