WOODBURY - Anti-drug advocates will head to Albany tomorrow to press politicians into passing the I-Stop bill, which aims to keep tighter tabs on painkiller prescriptions. The measure would require doctors and pharmacists to check and update a patient's drug history in an online, real-time database when they prescribe certain medications. Drug abuse experts say the I-Stop bill help will curb the practice of "doctor-shopping," when addicts seek out doctors who carelessly prescribe pain pills so they can get their fix. But as News 12 Long Islandhas reported, many doctors are opposed to the legislation and claim it would be a burden. Many argue they shouldn't be responsible for policing patients. State lawmakers could vote on the bill tomorrow. News 12 Long Island will have live reports from Albany.Grand jury report reveals scope of LI painkiller epidemicUsers vs. abusers: Painkiller bill could hurt those in needAddicted on LI: Stalemate on pain pill database could cost lives