BROOKVILLE - As Spring begins, so too do protests from Long Island parents about the Common Core curriculum.

Educators and parents hosted a public rally at the Tilles Center at LIU Post in Brookville Monday.

The anti-testing movement on Long Island caught national attention last year.

Organizers are vowing to have their opinions heard at public events and on social media. They say they hope Albany hears their concerns about the curriculum and its implementation.

Many at Monday's rally said the tests are not appropriate for some grades and that teachers' evaluations hinge too much on the test scores.

After Gov. Andrew Cuomo saw a report from the state's education department that showed 98 percent of New York teachers were rated as effective, he vetoed his own bill in December that would have eliminated the test scores used as a basis to evaluate teachers for two years.

The next round of standardized tests will take place next month.