RIVERHEAD - Anthony Oddone was arraigned again today in the 2008 death of bouncer Andrew Reister.

Oddone allegedly strangled Reister, an off-duty Suffolk County corrections officer, while Reister was moonlighting as a bouncer at a Southampton bar. He was convicted in Reister’s death back in 2010, but the conviction was overturned last month.

Last month, the state's highest court ruled that Oddone had not received a fair trial because the judge did now allow his attorney to challenge a statement made by an eyewitness.  

Oddone was set free in December after already serving more than five years of the manslaughter sentence.

He was released on $500,000 bail after his conviction was overturned.  

Oddone was arraigned on first-degree manslaughter charges today. A judge ruled that the previous posted bail can carry over to the new charge, meaning Oddone remains free.

Oddone is due back in court on Feb. 19.