VALLEY STREAM - A Valley Stream resident says PSEG Long Island is asking her to pay thousands of dollars to repair an underground line owned by the utility.

Annie Falley says that after her lights went out in March, power workers put in a temporary line that drapes through a public park, across her backyard and into her basement.

The utility says that since Falley's home has optional underground utilities, she owns the line and must pay for the $8,000 repair.

Falley claims a power surge damaged the line, but the utility says it has no record of a surge. Preliminarily, PSEG Long Island believes the decades-old line has deteriorated.

PSEG Long Island adds that it didn't investigate the cause of the line failure immediately because the line is privately owned.  It says the homeowner has to call the company to request an investigation.

Falley says she just put in a request today to investigate.  The utility says its investigation could take a few days.