OLD WESTBURY - Investigators on Saturday raided an Old Westbury farm owned by a man who was previously accused of neglecting and starving animals.

SCPA investigators seized animals from the farm on Jericho Turnpike Saturday morning. Goats, ducks, rabbits and a ram were found in "deplorable conditions" and were living in filth, SPCA officials say.

The animals were in poor health and did not have enough food. Their ribs were showing from malnutition, some had open wounds on their legs, and they were living in unsafe conditions, according to officials.

The farm is owned by 54-yearold Michael Dombek, who was charged with 25 counts of neglect back in August. He was given a court order at that time to clean up the farm and feed his animals.

Since his arrest, the SPCA says its investigators have made several visits to monitor conditions on the farm. Those conditions did not improve, they say, prompting the raid.

"The defendent has been given a number of chances to clean up the farm," said Nassau SPCA Detective Brian Wasserman. "We just want the animals to be safe."

Dombek was using the animals for petting zoos and street fairs.

The 11 animals seized Saturday will be taken to a sanctuary in Manorville.

Dombek could face one year in prison if convicted.