HAMPTON BAYS - An animal rescue center in Hampton Bays says a recent decision by the state Department of Conservation would condemn fawns in their care to certain death in the wild.

The Evelyn Alexander Rescue Center currently has seven fawns being nursed back to health. Officials say that most of the fawns lost their mothers to cars and were too young to survive on their own. Others are sick or suffering neurological issues.

Adrienne Gillepsie, who cares for the animals, says their goal is to rehabilitate and release the animals to the wild.

However, the state DEC recently changed the State Wild Life Rescue Group's permits. Under the new rules, no one is permitted to care for adult deer or fawns. The DEC is demanding that the center release the fawns immediately and euthanize the adult deer in its care.

The rescue center promises that will never happen and says it is prepared to fight the DEC ruling.

In a statement, the DEC says it does not comment on pending litigation.