EAST HAMPTON - A debate is brewing on the East End about the rising population of deer and how to control it.

Hundreds of animal activists demonstrated in East Hampton Saturday against a plan to kill the animals.

The state estimates that the local deer population has ballooned to 30,000, and the current cull plan is to eliminate 3,000 of those deer.

Federal sharpshooters will be called in next month to shoot the animals. The meat would then be donated to local food pantries.

Many residents say that they they prefer birth control measures instead of killing the deer.

A handful of local hunters who attended the protest say East End towns wouldn't be in this position if the state would have eased hunting restrictions.

While the cull is expected to take place next month, protestors say they plan to sue every town that goes along with the plan. They also plan to sue the state, and possibly, the federal government.