LINDENHURST - A Lindenhurst man who held young women captive and forced them into prostitution was sentenced Wednesday to 32 years behind bars.

The judge said she observed no regret or remorse in Gayot's face as she sentenced him on 34 counts, including sex trafficking, promoting and compelling prostitution, rape and strangulation.

The cases involved three young women, at the time 15, 21 and 26 years of age.  

The then-21-year-old victim read a letter in court, saying in part "I wake every day with nightmares. I almost died due to this monster. He ruined me."

Officials say Gayot held the victims at a home on North Greene Avenue, using drugs and physical abuse to make them comply.

The defendant told the court he was disappointed in being found guilty and plans to file an appeal.

Assistant Suffolk District Attorney Stacy Skorupa says there was "never any acknowledgement... [Gayot] has never shown any remorse or felt sorry for anyone but himself."

He will be eligible for parole in 19 ½ years.