WOODBURY - Many analysts believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo crafted his state budget with an eye toward national office.

Gov. Cuomo has been criss-crossing the state talking about the new budget that he says will help taxpayers, businesses and schools.

Analysts say the governor made it a priority to have four budgets approved on time during his term in a state that, in recent years, has been considered one of the most dysfunctional in the county. 

“He wants to be able to use that if, and in case, he decides to run for president in '16,” says Yancey Roy, of Newsday. “One of the images that Cuomo has tried to curate is that he is the governor who has made state government work. It functions properly, we're getting things done.”

Gov. Cuomo continues to dismiss any presidential bid rumors, saying he is focused only on helping New York state.