AMITYVILLE - A grieving Amityville woman was getting ready to scatter her deceased father's ashes when she says she made a shocking discovery."I found blue pieces of glass, screws, teeth, a melted cross," Jennie Spooner says. Spooner says her father's ashes were also mixed in with rusty staples, pieces of bone, broom whisks and a nail. Spooner says she made the gruesome discovery days after her father, well-known commercial artist Harry Spooner, was cremated. His dying wish was to have his ashes spread along Canaan Lake in North Patchogue. Spooner was cremated at the Long Island Cremation Company in October. Gary Hogan, the owner of the company, insists that rubbish could not have gotten mixed in with the ashes during cremation because by law, the casket must remain closed. Hogan added that his workers do not handle the body. However, he admitted that when the ashes are ground and transferred into a container, debris is sometimes found inside. Spooner says she's considering suing the cremation company and the Joseph Slinger-Hasgill Funeral Home in Amityville.