AMITYVILLE - The Village of Amityville is proposing giving parking scofflaws a vehicle boot until they pay off their unpaid fines.

Village officials want to confine cars belonging to people who have three or more outstanding summonses, warrants or unpaid fines received in Amityville.

Under this proposed law, people who have been given the boot have to clear all their debt and pay an additional $250 to get the boot removed.

Mayor James Wandell says the village is in desperate need of those payments. He says there is up to $400,000 in unpaid tickets.

"We are at the bottom of the landslide when it comes to villages in New York. We are the most fiscally challenged, so I think we need it more than any other village in the state," said Wandell.

A public hearing on the issue will be held on April 27.

The mayor says if Amityville passes the law, it will consider giving drivers one final chance to pay up before giving scofflaws the boot.