AMITYVILE - Scofflaws in the village of Amityville will soon get the boot.

Village trustees voted unanimously to amend a law to allow its police to place wheel clamps on vehicles whose owners have three or more outstanding summonses, warrants or unpaid fines.

Village officials say there's actually been an ordinance against scofflaws on the books for more than 50 years. The old law only allowed police to boot vehicles when drivers were caught in the act of moving or parking violations.

Drivers who are booted will have to pay all of their outstanding tickets, plus an additional $250 to get the boot removed.

Mayor James Wandell says there is up to $400,000 in unpaid tickets, and the village needs that revenue.

The amended law still needs to be approved by the state. The village trustees say they are considering a 30-day grace period to allow people to pay their tickets before the law goes into effect.