WOODBURY - Doctors and concerned parents are calling for more lead testing in Long Island's schools and for the federal government to do more to protect children from lead poisoning.

They say children are at risk of exposure at schools, day cares and parks that use old water systems.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says the country is not doing enough to protect children from lead.

Twenty school districts on Long Island have recently reported higher-than-acceptable amounts of lead in water fountains and faucets.

The academy is calling for stricter regulations and more federal resources to prevent lead poisoning and exposure. The metal is known to cause brain damage in children. Experts say there is no safe level for lead in children's blood. 

The state Senate and Assembly have both recently passed a bill that would require schools to periodically test for lead and other contaminants in drinking water. Schools with water containing unacceptable amounts of lead would be eligible for additional funding for testing and remediation.