FLUSHING MEADOWS - Diehard Mets fans love to cheer for their team, but a fan from Long Island sings for them!

Adam Levine, of Glen Cove, is a 49-year-old Mets fan. He also has Down syndrome. But he doesn't let that stop him from stepping up to home plate to belt out the Star-Spangled Banner.

Adam has had seven national anthem performances at Citi Field. The event has become a yearly tradition for Adam.

His family says that to earn a spot on the Mets field, Adam had to overcome a tremendous amount of trauma in his early years, including bullying by co-workers.

In 2009, after Adam made the cut at a Mets singing tryout, he gave his first performance at Citi Field.

Adam still doesn't talk very much, but his courage speaks volumes - singing in a stadium filled with 30,000 Mets fans.