BRENTWOOD - Federal prosecutors say five alleged gang members have been indicted in connection with the murders of two Brentwood teens and a string of other crimes on Long Island. Authorities say they believe 22-year-old Jose Alvarenga ordered four fellow members of the MS-13 street gang to kill a Brentwood teen. The victim was 15-year-old Christopher Hamilton, who was killed outside of a Brentwood house party back in Nov. 2009. Prosecutors say another one of the five men who were indicted allegedly murdered a fellow MS-13 member, 19-year-old Rigoberto Gomez. Police believe Gomez was killed in Freeman Avenue Park in Aug. 2010 because other gang members believed Gomez had been a police informant. Hector Torres, 20, is charged in Gomez's murder. The three other suspects are all facing charges of conspiracy, assault and armed robbery. Each defendant faces life in prison.