PLAINVIEW - A boy from Plainview boy has made it his mission to ease the struggles of homeless veterans on Long Island.

While researching ideas for his Bar Mitzvah project, 12-year-old Aidan Davis came across a YouTube video about the plight of homeless veterans in America.

"These people have risked their lives on the battlefield and they've seen atrocities," he says. "Some of them come back with substance abuse problems. Some of them can't assimilate into normal society after what they've seen, and it's a big problem."

Aidan sent out letters seeking donations of gift cards for homeless vets to help ease their burden. He signed and sent the letters, hoping for the best.

His letter was so powerful that he inspired an army of supporters to join his mission. Hundreds of people sent Aidan gift cards in the mail and in just over a month, he collected $2,500 in gift cards for homeless veterans.

"I hope they feel happy," he says. "I hope that they feel they have their faith restored in humanity."

It was a hope fulfilled when Aidan presented his gift to the homeless veterans at the Beacon House in Bay Shore.

Although Aidan completed his Bar Mitzvah project earlier in June, he is continuing to help homeless vets by raising money on a GoFundMe page.