WOODBURY - Advocates are pushing Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign a transit lockbox bill that will ensure tax dollars spent on transit actually go toward the specific cause.

In 2010, Gov. David Paterson diverted $260 million of funds earmarked for transit. In 2012, Cuomo diverted $220 million.

The Senate and Assembly unanimously passed the lockbox bill, which aims to deter the transferring of funds away from mass transit. The bill would require the state to detail the impacts any diversion of funds would make to mass transit programs.

Last year, Cuomo vetoed a similar bill that would have made the reports mandatory if any funds were diverted from the MTA.

Supporters say that even if the bill does pass, it doesn't prevent the governor from using transportation money elsewhere. It just requires Cuomo to be more open about it.

Cuomo's aides told News 12 that he is reviewing the bill and gave no timeline on when he would make a decision.

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