PLAINVIEW - The Nassau Community College adjunct faculty union sat down at the negotiating table with college officials in an effort to hammer out an agreement regarding pay hikes.

The meeting comes after the 3,000-member adjunct faculty went on a four-day strike last week. They say they have not had a pay raise since 2009. The strike was suspended after acting NCC President Dr. Kenneth Saunders threatened the professors with fines and possible termination for their violation of the Taylor Law, which prohibits strikes by public employees.

Saunders says he is hopeful the two sides will find common ground. Adjunct Faculty Association President Charles Loiacono says he’s encouraged that NCC agreed to negotiations.

The adjunct faculty says they want a retroactive pay raise of 4.9 percent going back three years and the same rate going forward for another 5 years.

Saunders says that figure is way beyond what the school can afford.

Results of the meeting have not yet been released.