HAUPPAUGE - An environmental group today filed a major lawsuit against Suffolk County for allegedly misusing taxpayer money meant to protect Long Island drinking water. The Long Island Pine Barrens Society says Suffolk County took millions of dollars set aside to protect water supplies and used it to close a budget gap. The lawsuit names both the Suffolk County Legislature and County Executive Steve Levy (R-Suffolk). It alleges that diverting the voter-approved money to anything but the Suffolk County Drinking Water Protection Program should have gone to a vote, and is therefore illegal. Levy, however, disagrees. His office says only some of the money will go to the budget, while much of it will be used to build new sewers."This is a pro-environmental measure that takes those hundreds of millions of dollars that were sitting there idle and allows us to build sewers now to protect our ground," Levy says.The lawsuit demands that the actions taken by the county government be reversed.