NEW YORK - Activists on Long Island and across the nation rallied Wednesday in support of the Iran nuclear deal.

Protesters took aim at New York Sen. Charles Schumer for opposing it, saying that he chose war over diplomacy. They gathered outside his office complex in Melville.

Organizers say they plan to deliver an online petition to Sen. Schumer's office next week with more than 200,000 signatures from people all across the country.

Rabbi Anchelle Perl, of Mineola, worries that if sanctions are lifted, the money that funnels into Iran might end up in the hands of terrorist organizations. He also has concerns over how inspections will be handled.

"I really trust Iran when they say they want to eliminate Israel," says Perl.

Sen. Schumer's office did not provide a statement to News 12. Congress will vote on the Iran deal sometime in September.