MINEOLA - Acting Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter is reporting that crime is at a historic low countywide.

He says crime is down 10 percent in the county so far this year.

“Robberies in the county are down 23 percent and burglaries are down 16 percent. More importantly, every precinct in the county has seen a reduction in crime,” said Krumpter.

Legislator Carrie Solages (D – Elmont) says the numbers are hard to believe based on what his constituents are telling him.

“I'm hearing minor robberies, robberies of cellphones, also drug-related activity,” Solages told News 12. He says the recent cutback of 45 plainclothes officers in his legislative district was a big mistake and wants POP officers, or problem-oriented police, reinstated.

However, Krumpter says the numbers do not lie. He says the department has monitored areas where it has seen an increase in certain crime by using cameras and patrols.