HEMPSTEAD VILLAGE - Police made a burglary arrest Monday thanks to some red underwear.

Police say Taykim Ross, 17, broke into a home on Long Beach Road and stole expensive Nike Air Jordan sneakers, a video game console and cash.

A neighbor in the apartment building snapped a picture that appears to be Ross trying on the sneakers while his red boxer shorts are hanging out.

After a few hours of searching, Hempstead Village Police Officer Russell Harris says he caught a glimpse of Ross taking out the garbage for a neighbor and saw the red boxers. He then confronted Ross and showed him the picture.

"I showed him the picture and said, 'Smile, you're on camera,'" said Officer Harris.

Police say Ross lives just a couple blocks away from the home that was burglarized. They say all the stolen items were recovered.

Ross was arraigned on a second-degree burglary charge and released without bond. He will be back in court on Thursday.