FARMINGDALE - A study released by AAA on Thursday finds that not only are hands-free phone calls while driving a distraction, but that regaining full awareness after a call may take close to 30 seconds.

Research shows that hands-free calling, texting or updating your Facebook page will always compromise your driving, even at a red light.

AAA says a driver is most distracted for one second after using a hands-free device, and full situational awareness returns after 27 seconds.

Automakers and smartphone manufacturers have spent millions of dollars designing better ways for people to multitask while behind the wheel. However, AAA says the very idea of multitasking while driving is dangerous.

The report found that of all the vehicles involved in the study, the Chevrolet Equinox was the least distracting. The voice-command system of the Mazda 6 was deemed the most distracting.