WOODBURY - Despite the obvious dangers, some "Pokemon Go" gamers who spoke to News 12 Long Island Wednesday said they are guilty of catching Pokemon while driving.

AAA is now urging "Pokemon Go" players to consider safety over scores, especially behind the wheel.

Robert Sinclair, of AAA, says distracted driving is the cause of up to one-third of all car crashes nationwide. He says playing "Pokemon Go" while driving may be even worse than texting while driving.

"We've always talked about texting and how it was the worse because it generally required both your hands and of course both your eyes to be off the road. Certainly, this is taking it one step further," says Sinclair.

Sinclair also warns that being caught playing the popular game while driving would likely carry distracted driving penalties, which could include fines and/or a suspended license.

A new study by the National Safety Council found that 67 percent of people surveyed felt they were at risk because another driver was distracted by technology.