WOODBURY - The great holiday escape began today, and many Long Islanders who planned to travel by car discovered that the price of gas has gone down, but only slightly. According to AAA, last month, the average price for gas on Long Island was $4.08 a gallon. Today, the average price of gas on Long Island was $3.91 for a gallon of regular. Still, some Long Islanders said they were staying close to home this holiday because the gas prices aren't low enough to take a long trip. Robert Sinclair, of AAA, said about a million fewer Americans will be driving long distances compared to last year, when the average gas price was $2.97 cents a gallon."Last year was the third-busiest Fourth of July in history, so we're coming down just a little bit from those remarkable numbers," he said. Those who want to stay off the roads, which will be heavily patrolled this weekend by police looking for drunken drivers, will be able to take advantage of additional Long Island Rail Road trains.