LAKE GROVE - Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) officials have admitted that tickets go uncollected aboard trains on a regular basis to the tune of millions of dollars in lost revenue.

According to reports filled out by conductors, which News 12 Long Island obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, hundreds of tickets went uncollected on a single train. A few reports stated that no fares at all were collected.

LIRR officials said off-camera that they keep track of the forms and conduct periodic audits to calculate the number of tickets that go uncollected on trains.

Officials had initially said that the railroad loses up to $13 million in uncollected tickets each year. Later, however, they revised their projected losses using data from the most recent quarter, saying that the new estimate of uncollected fares is $6.45 million.

Long Island Rail Road Commuters' Council Vice Chairman Gerry Bringhmann says the lost revenue is especially frustrating in light of constant service cuts and fare increases.