MEDFORD - Police say they have made nine arrests in connection to the death of a patient at Medford Multicare Center for Living.

Police say the suspects ignored the overnight alarm of a 72-year-old Auriela Rios who was suffering from complications from pneumonia and required to be on a ventilator at night. She was supposed to have a certified nurse’s assistant assigned to her at all times.

According to the civil complaint filed by the state attorney general, the negligence of seven employees ultimately lead to Rios's demise. The complaint says Rios was not connected to the ventilator when she went to sleep and died that night. When her oxygen alarm went off, the state attorney general says no one responded. The alarm allegedly sounded every 15 seconds for two hours in three separate facility locations.

“I was devastated because that means my mother suffocated, and I pray that she wasn't awake because that's horrible to think of that,” said Michelle Giamarino, the victim’s daughter. “How can you let someone's mother not breathe?”

According to the investigation, the administrator of the nursing facility, David Fielding, tried to cover up the entire incident. He was charged with tampering with physical evidence and falsifying business records in the first degree.

Nine nursing home workers were arraigned in Central Islip and charged with negligence. They have all been placed on paid administrative leave.