NESCONSET - ? The children of Sept. 11 suffered a tremendous loss but over the past decade, one Nesconset girl found ways to help heal herself and others.

Olivia Perez , then 10, was in orchestra when her teacher told the class the Twin Towers were under attack.Perez?s father, Anthony, was working on the 103rd floor of the North Tower and lost his life during the attacks. Perez says that for a long time she would make up stories in her head, unable to face the truth. Her father is one of the many victims whose remains have never been found.Perez went from camper to admired counselor at America's Camp. The camp is a weeklong sleep-away camp for children who lost a parent or sibling in the attacks.

Perez now plans to become a forensic anthropologist, a career that will give her yet another connection to Sept. 11.Perez is also one of dozens of contributors to Legacy Letters, a book filled with letters to their lost loved ones and hopes her father is proud of her.

9/11: Long Island Remembers