BABYLON - ? For many Long Island residents, Sept. 11, 2001 is considered the worst day of their lives, but one resident has a different story. Janet Kask says she drove to the city the morning the attacks took place. As the first tower fell, Kask says the tunnel was closed off, trapping her and hundreds of others inside.

Kask told News 12 Long Island?s Doug Geed that a lot of smoke and debris came into the tunnel itself, but they did not realize what it was from until after they escaped. Kask recalls a thick cloud of black smoke coming toward the tunnel, and people screaming.

Kask, who was nine months pregnant, said she and everyone else started running in the dark, the entire length of the tunnel. Eventually, Kask did get out and an EMT spotted her and went right over to her.Later that day, Kask?s son Aidan entered the world. Kask said Aidan has heard the stories of his birth and of the terror attacks, but his parents also wanted to make sure the day remained special to him.

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