LONG BEACH - It's been nearly 10 years since Sept.11, 2001, and college freshmen from Long Beach are recounting their memories of the terrorist attacks.

The students were just beginning fourth grade at Lindell Elementary School in 2001 when they witnessed history. On that clear day, the students say they had a near-perfect view of the New York City skyline from their classroom.

Spencer Jaffe, now 18, says he and another classmate were too short and had to stand on chairs to see what was going on across the river. According to their teacher, Fran Daddona, her 8- and 9-year-old students may have been young, but they knew that something bad was happening.

Daddona says she did her best to keep the anxious students distracted as the plume of smoke from the towers grew bigger and darker.

Jaffe says he remembers getting off the bus after school that day and seeing his dad waiting for him, covered in dust. He says that's when everything really hit home.