WOODBURY - ? For a group of retired FDNY firefighters, the alarm on Sept. 11 was personal because their sons were lost in the rubble of the World Trade Center. On Sept. 11, Lee Ielpi?s firefighter son, Jonathan, and 18 other members of Squad 288 were caught in the collapse. John Vigano, of Deer Park, says he kept vigil at the 16-acre pit after his only two children, Joseph and John, disappeared in the rubble. The same went for FDNY Lt. Dennis O'Berg, who radioed several times for his firefighter son, Dennis Patrick, but heard nothing back.The dads said that out of the ashes of Sept. 11, a portrait of courage emerged. The men became known as the "Band of Dads,? a fraternity of firefighter fathers at Ground Zero. Ten years later, the fathers say the passage of time has not lessened their pain, but it has strengthened their resolve to support each other in the face of unthinkable loss.

9/11 Long Island Remembers