MANHATTAN - Sept. 11 first responders gathered in Lower Manhattan today, calling on the World Trade Center Health Advisory Committee to recommend that certain cancers be covered by the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act that was passed last year in Congress.

Standing on the steps of City Hall, first responder and advocate John Feal listed the names of fellow first responders who are now sick with cancer, which they say was caused by the dust at Ground Zero.

"These toxins have caused these blood cancers and these digestive cancers, and they need to be added immediately," Feal says.

Tonight, first responders will be testifying at a hearing in front of the World Trade Center Health Advisory Committee. Chairwoman Dr. Elizabeth Ward says the committee will listen to evidence and then make a recommendation on whether or not to expand the federal health benefits for cancer patients.

As part of the public comment portion of the hearing, Feal will present a document listing nearly 200 first responders who already died of cancer.Review: Insufficient evidence for 9/11-related cancer9/11 health care law goes into effectPres. Obama signs Sept. 11 health care bill