NEW CASSEL - A 73-year-old man was able to subdue a suspected serial burglar in his New Cassel home Monday night until officers arrived on the scene.

Police eventually arrested 22-year-old Carlos Morinville at the Sixth Street home. They believe he may have been behind seven other burglaries in New Cassel and nearby Westbury this month.

Luis A. Pacheco Sr., an ex-military man in his native El Salvador, says he shoved the intruder into his basement and locked the door until police arrived. His wife and son were in the home at the time. Pacheco says Morinville was wielding a box cutter at the time of the incident.

Morinville, of New Cassel, was arraigned Tuesday afternoon. He is facing numerous charges, including first-degree burglary and another seven counts of second-degree burglary.