EAST ROCKAWAY - Six people, including two children, were pulled to safety after their boat capsized about two miles off the coast in the East Rockaway Inlet. Officials say that a pair of Nassau County fishermen were trying their luck in a popular spot this morning when, in a matter of minutes, they had to spring into action to save a boat full of people. Fishermen Martin Safer and John Bologna said the victims were screaming for help. One gentleman, they say, was holding a child and yelling, "Get my baby, get my baby." Martin says he pulled the father and his 8-year-old son from the water, and John pulled the other three to safety. Nassau County Police Inspector Kenneth Lack says there was also a sixth person trapped in the sunken vessel under the water. Two of NYPD's Marine rescue divers went into the water and rescued the sixth victim, who was airlifted to Staten Island Hospital. The identities of the victims and the condition of the sixth person are unknown. The cause of the incident remains under investigation.