NORTH WOODMERE - Four Elmont firefighters were injured last night in an accident while training for a fire department tournament.

The Elmont Fire Department drill team was practicing on a raceway in North Woodmere Park at around 7:30 p.m.

During the exercises, officials say some of the volunteers were standing on the rear step of a race car. The race car is supposed to slam on its brakes, and one firefighter is supposed to climb up a ladder that the other three "throw" from the car.

However, during the incident, all four firefighters were thrown from the car. Sources say their steering mechanism broke and they slammed into a wooden guard rail.

As a result, one firefighter sustained head injuries and remains in serious condition.

Nassau police say they impounded the race car for a safety check.

According to sources, the risky competitions are sponsored by individual fire departments and could cost around $20,000, all paid for through donations and tax dollars.